Cox’s bazaar

Cox’s bazaar BY taneea from New York I was excited to go to Cox’s bazaar for the time as it was near my home town. I was surprised to see how brown the ocean was. I questioned, is this how every ocean looks? Is the brown just the color of the water and not something… Continue reading Cox’s bazaar

Ocean pollution

Ocean pollution BY Joy from Dominican Republic The ocean was the most beautiful thing that god could give us, but the way I see it we don’t really care about it that much. So my message to the people that will read this it’s that please keep in mind that without the ocean there wouldn’t… Continue reading Ocean pollution


Pollution BY Lanny Chen from China Plastics are bad for the ocean and it would indirectly affect humans' health.

Tuesday Night at the Harbour

Tuesday Night at the Harbour BY Oliver Lyons from New York City Your browser does not support the HTML5 Audio element. Recorded around 730pm on 11/15/2021 near southern tip of Manhattan. Facing south towards the mouth of the NYC Harbour.